Best Mugshot Deletion Service


If you are looking for the best solution to delete your mugshots then you might want to check out this highly recommended site This site was founded by a victim of the mugshot industry and is billed as a unique solution for those looking to get rid of mugshots on the internet that are embarrassing them or holding them back from securing a job. Many states have enacted legislation to prevent websites from charging money to remove a mugshot or requiring sites to take down mugshots when people are acquitted but not every state has such consumer protection laws in place. Therefore individuals need to be aware of other means to remove mugshots when no other options are in place. offer two options for individuals that have mugshots appearing online. The first option is to quickly remove it from most websites for a fee. The second option is for the person who has their pictures online and is willing to take the time to research and scrub their name from the various sites that have their mugshot.

Too many time people are arrested for non-violent innocent crimes, or their charges are simply dropped. If this is the case a lingering mugshot and cause a lot of grief for a person later on down the road. It is a grey area in which mugshot publishing websites operate. Some consider it borderline corruption and extortion which we feel is true as well. The united states FBI is asking consumers to file a complaint against any sites that have published a persons mugshot and required a fee to have it removed.

Lastly there is a petition going around for people to sign that have been victimized by the any of the mugshot sites as well as those who are against the general idea of these website. You can find a link on for the petition and a chance to sign it. With enough individuals there is a possibility that the federal government may enact legislation to shut down these websites and prevent more individuals from being targeted in the future.

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