St. Petersburg Roofing

If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor in your area then Asper Roofing is your choice. roofing standards across the nation from the various code standards that are adopted in each municipality. For instance you may need ice and water shield in the northern part of the country or drip edge in another jurisdiction, Asper roofing is committed to providing quality roofing and roof replacements to your dwelling. After tearoff we check all the decking underneath your previous roof for damage due to rot or deterioration. This can occur in home and go unnoticed when your shingles are in place because the decking is unseen. upon inspection of your roofing surface such as the decking we decide if it is thick enough based upon code standards. Some older homes may even have spaced decking which may or may not meet code standard in your area

Once we have determined the decking is suitable for a new roof we begin the installation of a new roof. Most home use 15 lb felt paper but you can always upgrade to 30lb felt paper which is recommended on steeper roofs or higher end construction. You may also need to replace the drip edge as well depending if the felt paper is over or under the felt paper. You can pick from a variety of shingles to go on your roof  from level 4 impact resistant shingles to your basic 3 tab shingles. We recommend using Owens Corning Architectural Shingles. They provide a great look for any home and increase the value as well.

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